How It Works

MMOXXPLAY is a eSports Tournaments Platform. We act as a secure third party for players to compete in one-on-one competitions and tournaments - for free, for cash,  for FIFA Coins and for other awesome prizes.  Every user get 500 MMOXX Points at first. At present, 20000 MMOXX points can redeem 100K Fifa 18 Coins.

To get started, you’ll want to SIGN UP. After you’re signed up, check out our SEARCH MATCHES which allows you to join an existing open match, create your own open match, use the main lobby chat to organize a match with another member of the community. Or you can join a free tournament.  You don't need to worry about you miss any updates on your match or tournament as you will receive notification via Facebook Messenger and email.

Once you’ve accepted a challenge or entered a tournament, the entry fee money from each player's account will be withdrawn and the combined prize pool will be held in our secure escrow account. Players can communicate through the match lobby chat as they set up their game and prepare to face off! 

After you’ve completed your game, you and your opponent(s) will report the outcome of the match. Once the score is verified, the winner’s account will automatically be credited with the winnings!